Learning, Leadership
Life Skills

The thought of leaving no child behind
resonates in our minds as we craft the newest
inspirations in the Alumni Classroom Furniture
Innovation Labs. We believe the journey of
learning begins with the environments that
you are exposed to.

Alumni Classroom Furniture

is an innovative designer of 21st century learning concepts.


We are consistently developing furniture solutions that remain at the leading edge of design, and advance the learning initiative in our focus market of K-12. 

We firmly believe that all children should have equal opportunities. We are excited to drive this idea forward through developing the link between furniture and how it contributes to an engaging, learning environment.

Learning, Leadership, Life Skills

Furniture that engages
the students.

"Flow Desk" by Alumni Classroom Furniture is the most compelling solution in the K-12 marketplace today that implements 21st Century collaborative flexible learning. We are the only manufacturer to study the effects of correct group sizing in the methods of collaborative groups. "Flow Desk" accommodates all type of users from Traditional through to Progressive. Our furniture also takes into account many other things like classroom size, book storage and mobility.

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Alumni Classroom Furniture's commitment to indoor air quality:
Alumni is certified to the highest Gold standard. We are proud to have attained this level of certification as we continue to strive to be a leader in high quality classroom environment.

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Contributing to a
Green Planet.

As a responsible member of the business community it is our ambition to work towards eliminating the environmental impact that manufacturing has on the environment. Our effort drives us toward sustainability. We are committed to leaving the environment better than we found it.

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